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IVONA Text-to-Speech unlocks information

Text-to-Speech empowers user-friendly access to a desktop computer or laptop for the visually impaired. Read aloud text on your screen, webpages, e-books and documents.

IVONA’s comprehensive and reliable solutions improve user experiences and are immediately available at a fraction of the cost of competing products.


  • Screen readers: software applications that identify, interpret and read text on the screen.
  • Devices and applications for people who are blind or have speech impairments: electronic note takers, AAC devices, DAISY digital talking book players.
  • e-Learning solutions for people with learning difficulties including dyslexia.

Compatible with screen readers

IVONA voices have been thoroughly tested. They work with most screen readers available on the market today and offer high intelligibility. Users can accelerate speech rate up to four times with no loss in quality.

Available only via partners

TextAloud by NextUp Technologies lets you listen to any text on your Windows PC or create audio files for portable devices. A useful tool to enhance your productivity or personal reading enjoyment, TextAloud also helps many with reading disabilities, sight or vocal impairment. Ivona voices may be purchased with TextAloud or alone for use with other SAPI5 speech software.
Harpo is a company whose mission is to create comprehensive and state-of-the-art solutions for people with disabilities based on computer and electronic technologies. Harpo as a manufacturer, distributor, and a research and development center. Continuously growing since 1985 offers all products and services that support people with disabilities and break barriers in access to knowledge, exchange of information and creative work.
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