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A web service providing developers with natural-sounding Text-to-Speech functionality for devices, applications and speech-enabled services.

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Access to a broad portfolio of high-quality Text-to-Speech voices

High speech quality and accuracy

Security, scalability and fast response time, worldwide


  • Simple API: easy to use Java SDK and HTTP API
  • Audio output formats: OGG, MP3 with 22kHz sampling rate
  • Support for phonetic alphabets: IPA, X-SAMPA, TeleAtlas, Navteq
  • Speech marks: metadata allowing synchronization of text with audio, useful for text highlighting and lip synchronization
  • User-defined lexicons: customization of pronunciation

How to start?

Please read the FAQ and technical documentation.
To start development of your application/service simply create your Development Account.
If you want to use IVONA Speech Cloud commercially request a commercial license.




Development Account

Free, limited to 50k units/month.

Commercial Account

$1000/month (prepaid) + $0.003/unit for usage above 250k units/month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the definition of a unit?
A: A unit is a measure of the size of a text string sent for conversion into speech. A single unit consists of 200 characters, rounded up to the nearest whole unit for any given request. Units are calculated by counting the number of characters (including spaces) that make up the text string contained in the payload, while ignoring SSML metadata. The count is then divided by 200 and rounded up to the nearest whole unit. For example, a text string composed of 150 characters will be treated as 1 unit (150 / 200 = 0.75, rounded up to 1) and one of 300 characters as 2 units (300 / 200 = 1.5, rounded up to 2).
Q: On what types of devices can I use the service?
A: The service is dedicated for Application Developers who wish to add speech functionality to their products. Audio files generated by Speech Cloud can be used on most personal devices: personal computers, mobile phones, tablets, set-top boxes, wearable devices, etc. Audio files may not be distributed, broadcast, or published through any media, including, but not limited to, radio, television, or Internet.
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