IVONA Voices 2

The most natural Text-to-Speech voices.
IVONA Voices - visualisation of the product.
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For Windows

IVONA Voices 2 NEW!

Enjoy the perfection of computer speech!

Enrich your Windows and apps with the voices of IVONA lectors of studio-like quality!

Hardware requirements

PC, 1 GHz processor, RAM 512 MB, System Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7, disk space 60 - 420 MB for each voice.

IVONA 2 voices properties

  • Studio recording quality voices – 22kHz
  • SAPI 5 standard compatible
  • Easy installation
  • Simple activation
  • Automatic upgrade
  • Fully functional 30-day free trial version available

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To take full advantage of the IVONA Voices 2, we recommend you to buy IVONA Reader application for only $39, or in Promotional Packages with Voices - starting price $59. See how comprehensively you can use voices for fun, study and work.

Works with Windows 8 Our products are fully compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8 (Windows RT is not supported).