IVONA Telecom

TTS server solution for client-server applications
IVONA Telecom
  • The global award-winning, highest quality of speech for Call Centers.
  • Voice specifically developed for telephone lines.
  • Easy integration and scalability.

Why IVONA Telecom?

IVONA Telecom delivers the quality of voice and service customers demand, while streamlining the development and integration of IVONA with Call Center system architectures. The solution is not only easy to implement, but also efficient, reliable and easy to maintain. IVONA Telecom is able to read dynamically created content (e.g. account balance or customer data), and interpret any text – long or short – in a high-quality, natural-sounding voice, without the time and expense of a recording studio.

A voice to represent your brand

For companies who want to differentiate their brand and have extremely high expectations, we will develop a special version of IVONA Telecom exclusive to your company, with a voice selected by you.

Benefits of a unique brand voice:
  • Promotes your brand as the voice business card for your company.
  • Speaks in a voice and style selected by you.
  • Improves access to and experience of your brand messages.

Integrators of IVONA Telecom

Sample recordings:


Sample implementations:

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems.
  • Customer Service Centers, Hotlines (Call Centers, Customer Self-Service).
  • Voice Portals.
  • Text Communication reading systems (Voice Mail, Voice SMS).
  • Telephone advertising campaigns (Outband IVR).
  • Automatic Debt Collection phone systems.