IVONA Speech Server

TTS server solution
IVONA Speech Server
  • The highest award-winning speech quality.
  • The lowest cost for talent-recording production.
  • Dedicated, server-based implementations.

Why IVONA Speech Server?

IVONA Speech Server is a professional solution which is proven to work efficiently in all areas that require the creation of a large volume of clear, natural-sounding speech files. The studio-like quality of IVONA voices makes them a perfect fit for voicing presentations, films, or interactive advertising formats. By installing IVONA Speech Server on company servers or computers, customers can create speech efficiently and automatically with the use of various interfaces or scripts. This solution offers the lowest unit cost for synthesized speech.

Examples of implementations

Viral marketing tools (widgets, games, interactive postcards, etc.).
Chatterbots - Virtual Consultants.
Multimedia web sites.
Information, warning systems.
E-learning and educational systems (e.g. foreign languages lessons, language dictionaries),
Speaking books, audiobooks.

IVONA Speech Server is used by:

Key advantages:

  • 24/7 local access to voice talent - you don’t need an Internet connection or quick links.
  • Mass production of audio files - we provide ready-to-use solutions for Windows (ivonacmd) and Linux (ivonacl).
  • Support for both SSML and PLS standards - you control every aspect of the text interpretation.
  • Technical support at every stage of implementation, and free updates (in the ISMB package)