IVONA Reader

Let your PC, laptop or MP3 player read documents, e-books and voice-overs
IVONA Reader
For Windows

IVONA Reader

Save your time and eyes by using a speaking computer!

Listen to web contents, e-books and voiced-over subtitles read directly from your PC or mp3 player!

Featured business product

IVONA Studio voice packages for small and medium companies

Reduce costs and create in-house professional speech for e-learning, multimedia materials, presentations and tutorials!

IVONA Studio packages and voices for business purposes designed for small and medium companies. License for public distribution of generated speech.

Important features

  • Read texts on any files
  • Save the text as an audio file
  • SAPI 5 voices compatible
  • Read any webpages and emails
  • RSS reader
  • Organizer-Reminder

Hardware requirements

PC, 1 GHz, 512 MB RAM, Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (Windows RT not included), disk space: IVONA Reader 40 MB, IVONA Voices 70MB-3GB (depending on the number of voices).

IVONA Reader properties

  • Reading any text aloud on PC
  • Supporting of all SAPI 5 voices
  • Adjust reading speed and pronunciation
  • A professional film voice talent
  • Converting text into mp3 files
    for later listening
  • Organizer and reminder
  • RSS reader
  • Integration with multiple applications (i.e. Apple iTunes)
  • Fully functional 30-day
    free trial version available
Works with Windows 8 Our products are fully compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8 (Windows RT is not supported).