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Fri, 25 Nov 2011

New English Voices: Australian and Welsh

IVONA Software extends its Text-to-Speech portfolio yet again with the release of English voices: Nicole - Australian English, Geraint and Gwyneth - Welsh English (speaking also traditional Welsh). Together with existing British English and American English Voices, IVONA offers an impressive set of 14 English-speaking voices, all with the award-winning precision and human-like quality which has become IVONA’s trademark value proposition.

IVONA English Expert

Andrew Furlong, Technology Support Manager at Vision Australia, the nation’s leading provider of blindness and low vision services, says: “We are excited by IVONA’s development of a high-quality Australian voices, which will further improve the quality and effectiveness of our synthetic voice products and services, and enhance our clients’ reading experience.”

“English is defined as mankind’s first universal language and the most widely used language in international communication today”, explained Lukasz Osowski, CEO of IVONA Software. “Approximately 328 million people speak English as their mother tongue, with almost 1.6 billion speaking English as a second language around the globe. As a result, the phonetics, vocabulary and grammar may vary greatly. That’s why IVONA develops so many various English Voices. We are committed to rendering accurate, natural-sounding speech that reflects the cultural uniqueness of each country and region.”

New IVONA voices are built on BrightVoice™ technology, which delivers the highest quality in both accuracy and intelligibility, as determined by “Text-to-Speech Accuracy Testing 2011”, the annual comprehensive evaluation of Text-to-Speech products conducted by ASRNews.

IVONA Text to Speech technology offers the fastest growing voice and language portfolio with 33 voices in 14 languages available and more in development. Visit www.ivona.com to hear IVONA voices and learn more about making apps and devices speak, including the new mobile IVONA for Google Android. Developers may use IVONA Text to Speech by joining the "IVONA for Developers" Initiative, with support for Android, iOS, MeeGo, Linux, Windows Phone 7, as both IVONA SDK and IVONA Speech Cloud, the highly effective and responsive Speech service with HTTP web services interface. It enables flexible use of IVONA’s consistent, easy to use Text to Speech technology by developers interested in giving the ultimate Voice User Interface experience to application users.

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