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Thu, 19 May 2011

Results of Text-to-Speech Accuracy Study 2011

Up against names like Microsoft, AT&T and Nuance, IVONA earned the highest marks and emerged as TTS Accuracy Leader.

Results of the new detailed text-to-speech industry study conducted by ASRNews concluded that IVONA Software, an award winning developer and provider of Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology, offers the most accurate text-to-speech functionality in the market today. IVONA ranked highest in 5 of the 7 categories designed to evaluate accuracy, outperforming competitors such as Microsoft, Nuance, AT&T, Loquendo, Acapela Group, Cepstral, CereProc, NeoSpeech and SVOX.

Accuracy of commercial text-to-speech solutions 2011

ASRNews is an industry leading publication that focuses on speech technology and the text-to-speech marketplace. Its VIA TTS Accuracy Report is the most comprehensive and significant evaluation of companies operating in the TTS marketplace.

“Ten years ago, IVONA was founded with a mission to create the most natural sounding voices and a text-to-speech engine that delivers unmatched accuracy,” said Lukasz Osowski, CEO of IVONA. “Text-to-Speech functionality has become a ’must have’ in mobile devices and applications. The study results validate our efforts and demonstrate that IVONA TTS technology is a good choice for developers and manufacturers who want to incorporate the most accurate and lifelike TTS option available.”

ASRNews’ VIA TTS Accuracy Study evaluated ten companies in the text-to-speech market, testing across seven different categories related to accuracy – Number Handling, Homograph Handling, Handling of Words of Foreign Origin, Acronym Handling, Abbreviation Handling, Name Handling and Address Handling. ASR News sent identical text to each of the engines, listened to each response and assigned a grade based on how closely the result resembled how a reasonably intelligent human being would speak the text. IVONA ranked first in the following categories: Number Processing, Acronyms, Abbreviations, Names and Addresses.

According to the 2011 TTS Accuracy Study, summary results of which can be found at website.pdf , IVONA’s overall score of 94.5% was nearly 22 points higher than the average of all companies tested.

“IVONA has clearly emerged as one of the most accurate TTS providers in the market today,” said Walt Tetschner, editor of ASR News and author of the study.

The quality of IVONA TTS engine and voices is the reason why developers of desktop, mobile and accessible applications are turning to IVONA to incorporate high quality voices which are now available in multiple languages and accents. Through the IVONA for Developers portal, developers can easily deploy IVONA Voices either via Speech Cloud or by embedding voices using a Software Development Kit. In addition, IVONA Software has launched mobile apps for the Android platform that allow users to make a switch from the pre-installed voice to a high quality IVONA voice when using speech-enabled apps such as Google Maps, Type and Speak or Moon Reader Pro.

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