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Wed, 15 Jan 2014

OrCam and IVONA Text-to-Speech Improve the Quality of Life

OrCam and IVONA Text-to-Speech Improve the Quality of Life
During the last couple of years we have witnessed the development of a variety of new mainstream devices and software that allow people with vision impairments gain more independence. IVONA Software is bringing its text-to-speech technology to OrCam, one of the new wearable devices.
This tiny wearable computer clips to the user’s glasses with a small magnet. The system incorporates a bone conduction ear piece which conveys descriptions of the object pointed at by the person wearing an OrCam through text-to-speech output. By just pointing with their finger, the user can get OrCam to understand whether there is a need to read out loud text on the menu or a newspaper article, catch a bus or cross the road.

OrCam can read any printed text and will tell the user when it sees a face or a location that is stored in its memory. Bone conduction transducers maintain outstanding sound clarity in a noisy environment. OrCam’s text-to-speech deployment is based on IVONA SDK Text-to-Speech libraries for applications and devices.

Lukasz Osowski, the CEO of IVONA Software said:”Our goal is to improve the quality of life through the highest quality speech user experience. Since 2001, IVONA Text-to-Speech has been improving the accessibility of devices and apps for visually impaired people. I’m pleased that OrCam decided to use IVONA voices in their innovative and crucial device.

IVONA Support Team dove really deep to narrow down the project. They extended their support to our specific needs, something that went beyond their product. They kept on providing us with hints and educational materials until we completed our goal,” – added Yonatan Wexler, VP R&D OrCam.

The IVONA TTS engine is currently available in 22 languages across a selection of 49 voices. The IVONA suite includes a wide range of text-to-speech solutions for consumers, developers, and business customers.

Developers use IVONA's tools to incorporate text-to-speech into their user interfaces. IVONA's business customers span a variety of industries, including accessibility, public announcements/transportation, telecommunications, e-learning and more. Individual users looking for high-quality voice user interfaces for a variety of applications can take advantage of IVONA voices for Android by downloading them from Google Play.

Try IVONA Speech Cloud for free now and check out IVONA voice portfolio.

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