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Mon, 21 Oct 2013

IVONA Software Natural and Accurate Text-to-Speech Improves Road Safety

IVONA Software Natural and Accurate Text-to-Speech Improves Road Safety
Mobile devices and applications are becoming integral parts of today’s automobile and everyday lives. Most drivers use navigation systems that guide them by reading out loud street and city names, points of interest (e.g. museums, gas stations, major companies) and real-time traffic information. In addition, content reading apps help people on the road get weather forecasts, news, stock reports, and other information. Natural, accurate, and intelligible text-to-speech voices make user experiences on the road pleasant and predictable.

IVONA voices have many uses. For example, Motosmarty app developers partnered with IVONA to increase the safety and confidence of motorcyclists on the road. Motorcyclists gain an opportunity to learn, in real time, what dangers and points of interest lie on the road ahead. They appreciate an interactive live platform using smartphone technology that allows them to collaborate and exchange information about road dangers.

Mateusz Maj of Motosmarty said: “Recently we have received a lot of requests from our members to provide warnings in their local language. We are very happy to join hands with IVONA to improve the safety of our fellow bikers.

The Motosmarty service is initially provided in three languages - English, French and Dutch, with more languages to be added in coming months. Currently, IVONA offers a voice portfolio with 45 voices in 18 languages.

IVONA Software, provides text-to-speech solutions applicable to several industries. All new voices are developed using the award-winning BrightVoice technology. BrightVoice is the result of 10 years of research and development to produce synthesized speech that is virtually indistinguishable from professional voice over recordings. IVONA Text-to-Speech (TTS) comes in different configurations and footprints for a variety of mobile devices, desktop, network and server applications or TTS cloud.

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