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Thu, 13 Oct 2011

Digital World for the Visually Impaired

IVONA is committed to making a difference in the lives of millions of visually impaired persons by enabling easy access to digital information and entertainment. To further that mission, we are proud to introduce IVONA Accessibility Packages in English (British or American), German, French, Spanish (Castilian and American), Polish and Romanian. These comprehensive and reliable solutions will provide affordable access to computer and Internet resources for work, recreation, and communications.

IVONA Accessibility Package
IVONA Accessibility Package

Offered at a fraction of the price of competing products, IVONA Accessibility Packages include the award-winning, highest-quality Text-To-Speech Voices, delivering high intelligibility (capable of 4X acceleration with no loss in quality), rapid responsiveness, and the popular IVONA Reader − plus a free, pre-configured NVDA screenreader, the cutting-edge, open source solution developed by the NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access) Project.

„For visually impaired people, a computer with a Text-To-Speech solution is the only way to access the Web’s powerful resources, communication and work opportunities” says Lukasz Osowski, IVONA Text-To-Speech CEO. "The IVONA Accessibility Package, which we are introducing worldwide, is also a breakthrough because of the price, which is significantly lower than other, similar solutions. Our mission has always been to help vision-challenged people, regardless of location, income, or age. The IVONA Accessibility Package is a big step toward [achieving] that goal."

IVONA Accessibility Package

The TTS Voices and languages in the IVONA Accessibility Packages were developed with BrightVoice™ Technology, which renders exceptionally natural and fluent speech, as if read by a real person. Introduced in the new IVONA 2 Release, BrightVoice™ enables intelligent interpretation of addresses, dates, numerals, abbreviations, pronunciation and intonation, no matter how complex the linguistics or conversion. When combined with the IVONA Reader (text reader), visually impaired individuals will be able to access the Web for information, to listen to e-books, or create their own audio books. All IVONA Voices offer 22 kHz sound sampling frequency quality and the SAPI5 standard, ensuring crisp, clear speech on all TTS-enabled devices.

"The Accessibility Package also includes the special NVDA program designated for reading computer screen content (screen reader), currently one of the world’s best solutions of its kind” added Lukasz Osowski “We are proud to actively support the development of NVDA screen reader project by making a special donation on every IVONA Accessibility Package that we sell”.

IVONA TTS partners with many of the world’s leading companies and organizations acting for the blind and visually impaired, including:

  • Accessible Aplications for mobile devices (for eg Android, iOS, MeeGo, Windows Phone), with IVONA for Developers Initiative
  • Modern Braille Notebooks, with digital compass and GPS receiver, produced by HIMS and LevelStar
  • Popular Daisy format book readers, including Czytak and E-Lektor
  • Talking Websites, delivered by iWebReader
  • Klango Network, one of the most popular social networks among blind people;
  • Speaking cashpoints, produced by NCR, one of the largest global ATM manufacturers
  • Public announcement systems (e.g. for buses, trains, subways, airports, and other modes of transport) delivered by Kontron.

In support of its long-standing commitment to accessibility, the Company works closely with Royal National Institute for Blind People and DAISY Consortium, the largest organizations supporting blind and visually impaired people in the world.

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