IVONA MiniReader

Make it easier to work with content in MS Office, OpenOffice, Internet Explorer and more.
IVONA MiniReader
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IVONA MiniReader

Free, user-friendly text reader

Use IVONA Voices to listen to text in any application, document or web page!

What is IVONA MiniReader?

A handy add-on that allows you to become more productive on your PC. Just click to listen to any text hands-free and give your eyes a rest. Combine this add-on with high-quality IVONA voices to change the way you use your computer.

IVONA MiniReader is the perfect solution for reading:

Web pages Supports all popular browsers
E-newspapers PDF files and most readers
E-mails All major browsers and mail clients
Documents MS Word, OpenOffice and Adobe Reader

Interface options

IVONA MiniReader has two interface settings - full and mini. You can switch between the two options by clicking the Show and Hide buttons.

Interface options

Hardware requirements:

PC, 1 GHz processor, 512MB RAM, disk space from 70 MB to 1,5 GB (depending on the number of installed voices). Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8; Windows RT is not supported.

Warning! Clicking the Play button while no text has been selected will not result in any action.

How to run the program?

You can run IVONA MiniReader in two ways:

  • using the Start menu: Start » All programs » IVONA » IVONA MiniReader,
  • using the system's tray menu shortcut.
IVONA MiniReader

How it works?

All you have to do to voice text is:

  • run IVONA MiniReader,
  • select text in any open program (e.g. Firefox),
  • click the Play button (or hot key CTRL+SHIFT+Space).

IVONA Reader

IVONA Reader is an easy-to-use text reader which converts any written text on your PC into spoken words. You can convert texts into mp3 files, copy them onto your portable mp3 player and listen to them, anywhere at any time. IVONA Reader is compatible with all IVONA voices and other SAPI 5 standard voices installed on your computer.

IVONA Reader - visualisation of the product.