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Create speech-enabled apps and services, save time and improve user experience

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Add voice in minutes

No need for a software installation or costly servers.

Key benefits:

  • Highest speech quality and accuracy
  • Security, scalability and fast response time, worldwide
  • Broad portfolio of high-quality Text-to-Speech voices
  • Free for development purposes.

Recommended Speech Cloud Uses

Consumer Devices

Deploy cutting-edge speech applications in your products.

Connected TV

Add speech to enrich dynamic multimedia content.


Enable drivers to keep their hands on the wheel, stay connected and drive safely.


Improve learning outcomes with Text-to-Speech.

Digital Publishing

Create professional recordings and audio content.


Improve caller experience in IVR systems and telephony solutions.

IVONA Speech Cloud Specifications



Natural lifelike voices resulting from innovative approach to unit selection technology. Reduced unnatural discontinuities, electronic noise, and audible glitches. High accuracy through sophisticated NLP algorithms built into TTS engine. Support for natural reading of short and long texts.

Languages and voices

See voices list at http://www.ivona.com/en/voices-list/

Prosody control

Ability to adjust volume, speech rate and pitch.

Built-in domains support

IVONA TTS has built-in mechanisms to correctly pronounce texts coming from specific communicative contexts such as social text, acronyms, abbreviations and numbers.

Mixing static expressive prompts

Mechanism to mix static audio prompts with dynamically generated TTS output. *

Support for phonetic alphabets

IPA, X-SAMPA, TeleAtlas®, Navteq™

Standards compliance

W3C SSML 1.0/1.1, W3C PLS 1.0 (with IVONA extensions)

Support for text highlighting

Ability to synchronize text with audio through highlighting words and sentences spoken by TTS. *

Support for lip synchronization

Ability to provide applications with synchronized stream of visemes – visual representations of sound. *


Runtime memory (RAM)








Product features



Audio formats

mp3, Ogg Vorbis **

Sampling rate

22.05 kHz **

* available soon
** more to come
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