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Start of content + Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire HDX + IVONA Text-to-Speech

Blind and visually impaired customers using portable devices including tablets, e-readers and mobile phones depend on Text-to-Speech (TTS) to assist them in their activities. IVONA voices make listening to texts easy and enjoyable. IVONA Text-to-Speech is the technology behind the “Screen Reader” and “Explore by Touch” features on Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire HDX tablets.

AppWriter Levels the Playing Field

IVONA’s Swedish voice Astrid is integrated into AppWriter Cloud to provide users with assistive reading and writing tools. AppWriter Cloud features offer support for unlocking the world of information. AppWriter comprises Text-to-Speech, context based word suggestions, OCR and the special Dyslexie-font. High quality synthetic voices ensure a great user experience.

Increase Productivity With HF-Memo and IVONA Text-to-Speech

IVONA TTS reads aloud announcements in HF-Memo, an easy-to-use mobile phone application for drivers. It comes with a Bluetooth remote controller that makes things as easy as they can get. With HF-Memo, you can record any important details of your calls, dictate useful ideas that come to mind or listen to any incoming messages. All this while driving, with just one press of a button.

Kontron and IVONA TTS Enable Innovative Two-Way Communication

The Polish arm of the Kontron Company used IVONA Text-to-Speech to develop the Integrated Passenger Information System (ZSIP), which makes it possible to provide passengers with synchronized information in both visual and audio formats. The ZSIP system enables two-way communication consisting of voice messages between passengers on a railway platform and information officers.

IVONA Voices Improve Road Safety

IVONA voices have many uses. For example, Motosmarty app developers partnered with IVONA to increase the safety and confidence of motorcyclists on the road. Motorcyclists gain an opportunity to learn, in real time, what dangers and points of interest lie on the road ahead. They appreciate an interactive live platform using smartphone technology that allows them to collaborate and exchange information about road dangers.

OrCam and IVONA Text-to-Speech Improve the Quality of Life

OrCam is a tiny computer that clips to the user’s glasses with a magnet. The system incorporates a bone conduction ear piece which conveys descriptions of the object pointed at by the person wearing an OrCam through Text-to-Speech output. By pointing with a finger, the user can get OrCam to understand whether there is a need to read out loud text on the menu, catch a bus or cross the road.

Aculab with IVONA TTS can offer developers more languages

Aculab is a leading provider of deployment proven telecom solutions for global communications. The company offers customers a voice channel for various queries, both automated and personal. When a person to person call is not necessary, TTS provides a practical and widely accepted way for callers to obtain information from an automated system. By adding IVONA TTS, the company is able to offer many more language options for developers.

Orange Poland and IVONA TTS guarantee consistency

Orange Poland, Member Company of France Telecom, a world leader in telecommunication services, pays special attention to the quality of their customer service. To ensure that customers are served quickly and efficiently, the company takes advantage of the best cutting-edge automation technology. Orange Poland decided to create customized Text-to-Speech voices in collaboration with IVONA Software: Natalie and Magda, Polish female voices which sound like the voices already included in Orange Poland services.

Aesys and IVONA collaborate to improve communications

Aesys is a world leader in communication systems and display technologies, serving the traffic, transit, industrial, and municipal markets. Company displays are prepared for information exchange around the globe. Their focus is on finding applications that can generate human-quality voices with natural expression. Thanks to the natural quality of IVONA voices, it is practically impossible to tell the difference between human and synthetic voices.

IVONA voices help Benetech generate audiobooks in DAISY format

Benetech is a non-profit tech company with a primary focus on developing technology for social good. The company leads multiple program areas and initiatives that provide technology to improve—and even transform—the lives of people all across the world. Benetech uses IVONA TTS voices to generate audiobooks in DAISY format.

IVONA lets the toys of ToyQuest speak

The Manley Group is a leader in children’s products, including toys and electronics, as well as the creator and owner of the ToyQuest brand. ToyQuest’s mission is to provide children of all ages with safe, innovative and high quality toys that encourage creativity and imagination. IVONA Text-to-Speech is a part of their voice user interface and enables ToyQuest toys to speak with natural, human-like voices.

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