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Listen to and compare IVONA voices and sample new ones coming soon to business and individual users around the globe! With our BrightVoice technology and Rapid Voice Development, we can create the next great voices faster than ever before.

IVONA TTS Voice talent
Astrid New! Swedish, female
Filiz New! Turkish, female
Raveena New! Indian English, female
Cristiano New! Portuguese, male
Tatyana New! Russian, female
Mads Danish, male
Carla Italian, female
Russell Australian English, male
Ruben Dutch, male
Lotte Dutch, female
Naja Danish, female
Dóra Icelandic, female
Karl Icelandic, male
Natalie British English, female
Created on order of ORANGE POLAND Learn more
Magda Polish, female
Created on order of ORANGE POLAND Learn more
Chantal Canadian French, female
Vitória Brazilian Portuguese, female
Ricardo Brazilian Portuguese, male
Agnieszka Polish, female
Giorgio Italian, male
Nicole Australian English, female
Salli American English, female
Ivy American English, child
Gwyneth Welsh English, female
Geraint Welsh English, male
Gwyneth Welsh, female
Geraint Welsh, male
Céline French, female
Mathieu French, male
Marlene German, female
Hans German, male
Conchita Castilian Spanish, female
Enrique Castilian Spanish, male
Penélope American Spanish, female
Miguel American Spanish, male
Chipmunk American English, male
Kimberly American English, female
Emma British English, female
Kendra American English, female
Joey American English, male
Amy British English, female
Brian British English, male
Maja Polish, female
Jan Polish, male
Eric American English, male
Carmen Romanian, female
Jennifer American English, female
Ewa Polish, female
Jacek Polish, male

BrightVoice technology


BrightVoice technology being applied to the newest IVONA Voices, the sound of the spoken words, whether a single sentence or an entire book, is exceptionally natural and fluent, as if being read by a real person. Learn more

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IVONA offers a wide range of voices, but as an additional option you can order new, customized voices. Custom Voice creation is the ideal option for companies seeking to extend their brand identity beyond the written word. Learn more

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