Make your devices more user-friendly and productive.
  • Award-winning, highest quality speech for any system or platform.
  • Natural voice interpretation of short to long-form texts.
  • Individual, highly flexible approaches to every implementation.


IVONA SDK guarantees the highest speech quality available on the market, with minimal hardware requirements. IVONA SDK libraries can be installed in programs or devices across a variety of hardware platforms. This gives customers the freedom to implement IVONA Embedded to suit virtually any project. As businesses offer more media choices to meet consumer demand, we are ready to support innovative new technology solutions using Text-to-Speech. Adding high-quality voice to your products and services will help you leave the competition behind!

Examples of implementations

Electronic devices for reading texts (e-book readers, daisy readers).
Mobile devices (phones, PDAs, GPS navigation).
Public information systems, warning systems, building management, large-format visualization.
Applications that require the dynamic generation of speech (dictionaries, language courses, video players).
Information kiosks and panels.
Other electronic devices and mobile applications.

IVONA SDK is used by:

Key advantages

  • Maximum performance on each device - the voices are always optimized for your platform..
  • Easy integration - we provide examples (with source code) illustrating the use of speech libraries.
  • Minimal hardware requirements.
  • Technical support at every stage of implementation, and free updates (in the ISMB package)