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Wed, 16 Nov 2011

New IVONA Voices FREE for Android

IVONA Software has released the latest beta version (1.0.10b) of IVONA Voices for the Android platform. They simply make Android devices talking with human voice.

IVONA Text to Speech Voices have become the preferred TTS technology for a variety of Android apps. From helping people drive safely by listening hands-free to Navigation & Text Messages, to enjoying e-books while “on the road”, to the many work and recreational activities popular with today’s mobile, multitasking consumer, users can count on IVONA for clear, accurate, always accessible spoken messages.

IVONA on Android image

And now the IVONA Voices for Android are available FREE till the end of beta tests, so we encourage everyone to visit soon.

The new, FREE IVONA Text to Speech Voices offer:
- Exponentially louder and clearer speech,
- Even greater accuracy and pronunciation,
- 10 times less demand on internal storage space (up to 3.5 MB).

What's more, there are four exciting new voices available at Android Market: Nicole - Australian English, Carmen - Romanian, and Gwyneth - Welsh English and Welsh.

“We are very gratified to see how IVONA TTS Voices help people safely and securely accomplish tasks, get information, and be entertained wherever they are” said Łukasz Osowski, CEO of IVONA Software.

IVONA Text to Speech has also offer for creators of mobile solutions. Each Developer may use IVONA by joining the "IVONA for Developers" Initiative, with support for Android, iOS, MeeGo, Linux, Windows Phone 7, as both IVONA SDK and IVONA Speech Cloud, the highly effective and responsive Speech service with HTTP web services interface. It enables flexible use of IVONA’s consistent, easy to use Text to Speech technology by all developers interested in giving the top Voice User Interface experience to application users.

Get your favourite IVONA Voice for FREE from
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