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Use award-winning accurate and natural sounding voices

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Convert text to a clear voice: gain access and focus

Improve your Windows platform and apps with advanced Text-to-Speech using lifelike natural sounding IVONA voices.

Free your hands or eyes:

  • Listen to documents, hear text read aloud
  • Make digital content portable, read by listening
  • Study faster, learn better
  • Work efficiently, speech enable your assistance

IVONA Voice is a high quality speech synthesizer recognized for its natural and expressive sound. Its main purpose is to convert a text to speech (TTS). IVONA Voices integrate with the Windows systems and they can be used by dedicated application that utilizes Microsoft SAPI5 (Speech Application Programming and Interface).

Available only via partners

Harpo is a company whose mission is to create comprehensive and state-of-the-art solutions for people with disabilities based on computer and electronic technologies. Harpo as a manufacturer, distributor, and a research and development center. Continuously growing since 1985 offers all products and services that support people with disabilities and break barriers in access to knowledge, exchange of information and creative work.
TextAloud by NextUp Technologies lets you listen to any text on your Windows PC or create audio files for portable devices. A useful tool to enhance your productivity or personal reading enjoyment, TextAloud also helps many with reading disabilities, sight or vocal impairment. Ivona voices may be purchased with TextAloud or alone for use with other SAPI5 speech software.
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