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IVONA Text-to-Speech unlocks information

Text-to-Speech empowers user-friendly access to a desktop computer or laptop for the visually impaired. Read aloud text on your screen, webpages, e-books and documents.

IVONA’s comprehensive and reliable solutions improve user experiences and are immediately available at a fraction of the cost of competing products.

With each IVONA accessibility package, we offer a special, dedicated version of the world's most popular screen reader – NVDA.


  • Screen readers: software applications that identify, interpret and read text on the screen.
  • Devices and applications for people who are blind or have speech impairments: electronic note takers, AAC devices, DAISY digital talking book players.
  • e-Learning solutions for people with learning difficulties including dyslexia.

Compatible with screen readers

IVONA voices have been thoroughly tested. They work with most screen readers available on the market today and offer high intelligibility. Users can accelerate speech rate up to four times with no loss in quality.

IVONA Voices for Accessibility Packages with Reader and NVDA

From the sale of each IVONA Accessibility Package, €4 is allocated to support the organization developing NVDA, a free open source screen reader for Windows. You only pay for IVONA products, NVDA is included at no cost.
The powerful combination of IVONA voices, IVONA Reader and NVDA makes full voice support for the blind or visually impaired much more cost effective than buying a commercial screen reader.

Hardware requirements

Windows, 1 GHz, 512MB RAM
Our products are fully compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
Windows RT is not supported.
“I just bought this program a couple of days ago and can't understand, how I'd been living without it. It's worth every penny!”
Matias, Sales Manager
Stockholm, Sweden
“I am really amazed by this program. I think in this digital age, it's the best study tool for the students. I am a MBBS student from a middle class family in Bangladesh.”
M. Hasan, Comilla
“I've bought the full version of the program and so far I created lots of audiobooks for my blind sister. IVONA is outstanding, there's no better program at this price. I totally recommend it.”
Anne, Accountant
Hannover, Germany
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