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IVONA Studio is a professional desktop application for Windows that enables you to create speech files from digital text. Get your own recording studio for your PC, always ready to use. Pick one of the high-quality IVONA Text-to-Speech Voices to get started. Then type the text and save it in various audio formats. You don’t need to hire professional voice talent any more.

51 IVONA voices covering 23 languages and counting. Give them a try.


Publishing and multimedia materials

Extended License. Under this license, you may distribute your own created applications, materials, and multimedia works for commercial use. Materials can be uploaded into social-media sites. Speech cannot be used for providing commercial services to third parties. You are granted no right to distribute Speech as recordings, voice prompts, or audio publications.

Public Announcement Systems, IVR, and others

Extended License. Under this license, you may create speech to be used in public announcement systems (such as at airports), as well as in IVR systems.

IVONA Studio Specifications



Natural lifelike voices resulting from innovative approach to unit selection technology. Reduced unnatural discontinuities, electronic noise, and audible glitches. High accuracy through sophisticated NLP algorithms built into TTS engine. Support for natural reading of short and long texts.

Languages and voices

See voices list at http://www.ivona.com/en/voices-list/

Prosody control

Ability to adjust volume, speech rate and pitch at runtime.

Built-in domains support

IVONA TTS has built-in mechanisms to correctly pronounce texts coming from specific communicative contexts such as social text, acronyms, abbreviations and numbers.

Mixing static expressive prompts

Mechanism to mix static audio prompts with dynamically generated TTS output.

Support for phonetic alphabets

IPA, X-SAMPA, TeleAtlas®, Navteq™

Standards compliance

W3C SSML 1.0/1.1, W3C PLS 1.0 (with IVONA extensions)



1 GHz


512 MB

Disk storage

IVONA Studio application: 40 MB
IVONA Studio voice: depends on voice footprint


Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (not including Windows RT) (32/64 bit)

Product features

GUI application for TTS tuning and prompt generation

Professional studio quality Text-to-Speech voices (22.05 kHz)

Support for multiple audio output formats (mp3, wav, a-law, u-law)

User level pronunciation lexicon (with regular expression rules support)

Generation of documents or books in audio format

Support for advanced text editing for best TTS output quality

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