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Let us create a voice as unique as your business

In addition to the wide range of TTS voices available from IVONA, you can also work with IVONA to create your own custom voice. This option is the ideal choice for companies seeking to extend their brand identity beyond the written word.


TTS custom voice can be used in:
  • Inbound / outbound call centers, voice mail systems
  • e-Commerce and customer self-service portals
  • Information and audio-video services
  • Ads, videos, widgets, games, interactive greetings and other viral marketing tools.
Custom voices are created with IVONA's Rapid Voice Development (RVD) technology. RVD makes the process of building custom voices faster and less expensive than other TTS technologies.

Please contact us if you are interested in ordering a Custom Voice.

Licensing Model

Licensing Agreement includes:
  • License for using speech
  • Non-recurring engineering (NRE) costs
  • Please contact us if you are interested in ordering a Custom Voice.

    Recommended Custom Voice Uses

    Announcement Systems

    Generate real time speech, support efficient and up-to-date announcements.

    Consumer Devices

    Deploy cutting-edge speech applications in your products.

    Connected TV

    Add speech to enrich dynamic multimedia content.


    Enable drivers to keep their hands on the wheel, stay connected and drive safely.


    Improve caller experience in IVR systems and telephony solutions.


    Remove barriers to information access & improve communications.


    Improve learning outcomes with Text-to-Speech.

    Digital Publishing

    Create professional recordings and audio content.

    IVONA Custom Voice Specifications



    Natural lifelike voices resulting from innovative approach to unit selection technology. Reduced unnatural discontinuities, electronic noise, and audible glitches. High accuracy through sophisticated NLP algorithms built into TTS engine. Support for natural reading of short and long texts.

    Wide range of voice footprints

    IVONA TTS is available in a wide range of footprints for optimum performance and quality for a wide range of applications – from embedded systems to server solutions.

    Server solutions > 250 MB
    Desktop/mobile solutions ~ 150 MB
    Embedded solutions 60-80 MB

    Languages and voices

    See voices list at

    Prosody control

    Ability to adjust volume, speech rate and pitch at runtime.

    Built-in domains support

    IVONA TTS has built-in mechanisms to correctly pronounce texts coming from specific communicative contexts such as social text, acronyms, abbreviations and numbers.

    Mixing static expressive prompts

    Mechanism to mix static audio prompts with dynamically generated TTS output.

    Support for phonetic alphabets

    IPA, X-SAMPA, TeleAtlas®, Navteq™

    Standards compliance

    W3C SSML 1.0/1.1, W3C PLS 1.0 (with IVONA extensions)

    Support for text highlighting

    Ability to synchronize audio with text through highlighting words and sentences spoken by TTS.

    Use case

    Amy and Brian voices created for RNIB

    The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) is the UK's leading charity offering information, support and advice to over two million people with sight loss.

    Voice Talent

    • Amy
    • Brian


    • Amy
    • Brian
    ”IVONA Software has delivered amazing quality and innovation in an area that we are particularly keen to support and the partnership between our companies is set to deliver the best synthetic speech solutions on the market. We are proud to have met the team at IVONA Software who has worked extremely hard to maintain a focus on quality and this shows in every aspect of our partnership.”
    Steve Tyler
    Chief of Strategy of The Royal National Institute of Blind People


    Natalie and Magda are the new IVONA voices created especially for Orange Poland, Member Company of France Telecom, a world leader in telecommunication services.

    Voice Talent

    • Natalie
    • Magda


    • Natalie
    • Magda
    "At Orange Poland we pay special attention to the quality of our customer service. In order to ensure that customers are served quickly and efficiently, we take advantage of the best in cutting-edge automation and technology. We analyzed several leading Text-to-Speech solutions before concluding that IVONA met our needs and expectations. We are confident that IVONA’s natural, high-quality voices and flexible technology will enhance our customers’ service experience from day one."
    Krzysztof Małkowski
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