IVONA Voice Branding

Custom text-to-speech voice on demand
Voice Branding

Benefits of using customized voice:

  • Unique voice enhances brand identity.
  • Recognized as the voice of your company.
  • Improved customer experience when contacting the company.
  • Differentiates Your web content, advertising or call center from the competition.

Voice dedicated to your needs

IVONA offers a wide range of voices, but as an additional option you can order new, customized voices. Custom Voice creation is the ideal option for companies seeking to extend their brand identity beyond the written word. Your unique voice can be used in a wide range of communication touch points with prospects and customers:

  • inbound and outbound call centers, contact centers, voice-mail systems
  • e-commerce and customer self-service portals
  • information and audio-video services
  • advertisements, virals (widgets, games, interactive postcards) and other marketing tools

Your Custom Voice can be also used to support brand identity in mobile and embedded applications. For example, if you are a device manufacturer, or develop embedded applications, and want users to associate a unique voice with your brand – then Custom Voice is the service you need!

Rapid Voice Development

Your voice will be created with the IVONA Rapid Voice Development technology. RVD makes the process of building IVONA Voices fast and relatively cheap. It uses an advanced set of tools for modeling complex linguistic issues such as subvocalization, accentuation, and intonation. It also enables users to efficiently, quickly and accurately identify the speech signals in original recordings.

Advantages of voices creation with IVONA Rapid Voice Development

  • BrightVoice technology renders perfect quality.
  • Rapid time to deployment (about two months).
  • Voice speaks precisely like voice talent.
  • Voice speaks with the style you need.

IVONA Text-to-Speech takes advantage of many other technological innovations that make it a leading system in the TTS industry. Since 2006, IVONA has maintained a leading position in the annual Blizzard Challenge, a prestigious scientific event that evaluates Text-to-Speech systems.

Success stories

RNIB logo

Amy and Brian: British English voices created for RNIB (Royal National Institute for Blind People)

The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) is the UK's leading charity offering information, support and advice to over two million people with sight loss.
IVONA Software has delivered amazing quality and innovation in an area that we are particularly keen to support. We are proud to have met the team at IVO, who have worked extremely hard to help us achieve our goals. Their focus on quality shows in every aspect of our partnership.
Steve Tyler
Head of Innovation
Orange logo

Natalie and Magda: British and Polish voices created for Orange Poland

Natalie and Magda are the new IVONA voices created especially for Orange Poland, Member Company of France Telecom, a world leader in telecommunication services. The voices were customized to sound like those already providing services to Orange Poland customers.
"At Orange Poland we pay special attention to the quality of our customer service. In order to ensure that customers are served quickly and efficiently, we take advantage of the best in cutting-edge automation and technology" says Krzysztof Małkowski, Managing Director of Orange Poland Automatic Channels. "We analyzed several leading text-to-speech solutions before concluding that IVONA met our needs and expectations. We are confident that IVONA's natural, high-quality voices and flexible technology will enhance our customers' service experience from day one."