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Frequently Asked Questions

I bought the electronic version of IVONA product. Am I allowed to make a copy of the installation program and save it on a CD?
Yes. In accordance with the IVONA license you have the right to store a copy of the purchased program on any kind of data storage equipment, including a CD. We recommend making a copy. In case of computer malfunction you'll have easy access to the installation program for your copy of IVONA product.
On how many computers can I install and use IVONA products?
In accordance with the IVONA license you can install and use your copy of IVONA product on any single piece of data storing equipment. To use IVONA product on another computer, another license must be purchased.
How do I get the program?
As soon as payment for the selected product has been completed, you will receive the activation key and/or a link to download application. They are sent to the email address provided.
How can I pay for my purchase?
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