IVONA Accessibility Package

Comfortable access to computer to the visually impaired.
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IVONA Accessibility Package

Text-to-speech empowers user-friendly access to a personal computer or laptop for the visually impaired. IVONA makes a difference by improving the digital experience for everyone.

Our comprehensive and reliable solutions allow enhanced access to digital publications and Internet resources.

All packages are immediately available at a fraction of the cost of competing products.

  • Award-winning, high-quality, lifelike text-to-speech voices
  • Free NVDA screen reader (pre-configured) included
  • High intelligibility (speech can be accelerated up to four times without loss of quality)
  • Rapid responsiveness

Compatible with screen readers

IVONA 2 Voices have been thoroughly tested. They work perfectly with most screen readers available on the market today. They offer high intelligibility - users can accelerate speech rate up to four times with no loss in quality, as well as responsiveness - making IVONA Text-to-Speech voices effective and easy to use.

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NVDA screen reader in IVONA Accessibility Package

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With each IVONA accessibility package, we offer a special, dedicated version of the world's most popular screen reader – NVDA. The powerful combination of IVONA voices, IVONA Reader and NVDA makes full voice support for the blind or visually impaired much more cost effective than buying a commercial screen reader.

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